Hydrating Peptide Cream


The astounding effectiveness of Syn-Ake, the active ingredient in this powerful Hydrating Peptide Cream has proven scientic results.  
A clinical study shows that using Syn-Ake twice daily, reduced wrinkles up to 52% in just 28 days and reduced the “crows feet” lines by 82% within only two hours.
Restrux Hydrating Peptide Cream is a clinical/professional grade product containing 5% Syn-Ake Peptide and 1% Hyaluronic Acid, this combination of ingredients will guarantee your skin will show marked improvement in the reduction of fine lines, increased collagen levels and improved elasticity, all products work at the cellular level of your skin and produce lasting results. 

Usage:  Apply over clean skin twice daily and instantly see visible results, with continuous use your skin will be restructured at the cellular level, having wrinkle reduction, improved skin smoothness and firmness.


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